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Out Of The Silent Planet by Gargartha
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Jia by Gargartha Jia :icongargartha:Gargartha 1 0 The Dreadknight by Gargartha
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The Light Tower
It was a witheringly cold night, dark and desolate as though from a horror film. It was quiet. Everything was a deafening silence, even her own screams. The pain engulfed her thoughts and her mind blocked almost everything out, save for one mission: get it out! Her husband in the car beside her, speeds through the dusty, barren streets. He attempted to reassure her, but she ignored his consolidations. He panicked.
    “We’re almost there, sweetie! Just hold on a while longer. Please, hold on!” Pleaded the gentle and concerned voice to her right. It comforted her briefly. She stretched out her arm and reached for him, griping a fold in his jacket. She clenched tightly without mercy as the pain shot up from her lower back and enveloped around her tender abdomen. He looked to her shortly out of pity. A sorrowful tear escaped through the corner of his right eye and trailed with difficulty down his sweat-drenched skin. “Please…” he whispered, as
:icongargartha:Gargartha 1 4
Planet of the Apes Memorial Fan Art by Gargartha Planet of the Apes Memorial Fan Art :icongargartha:Gargartha 1 2
Into The Night
Night crept up from behind as she sat and stared at the Person who lay before her. Scarlet tears ran down his forehead and clumped his hair as it dried. She slid her finger under the lock and gently broke its bond to his forehead's fur. Charles winced and stirred. Cara retreated her hand. She gripped the rifle and scurried back to a safer distance from him. Charles settled again, he remained unconscious. How hard did she hit him? The new moon brought with it the night, utter darkness and, with the flickering and unstable lights of the Library, shadows that danced all around them. Everyone since fled from the area, citizen and insurgent alike. Cara and Charles were left to the mercy of the unknown. She watched corpse-like Person and kept the rifle trained on his head.
    The wind howled through the trees with an eerily deep tone, the critters of the void emerged to start their day, and the silence broke with the eruption of chirps and croaks. Far away, Cara heard a pair of ow
:icongargartha:Gargartha 3 5
The Fall
She took her seat and buckled in.
    "Central Library, please?" She requested her destination while she pulled a book out from her backpack.
    "Yes, ma'am." Came the reply. Cara's head jerked up in recognition of the pilot's voice.
    "Albert?!" The Man turned around from the pit's seat, his green eyes met hers. Cara unbuckled and lept toward the Man, she embraced him, her lost friend. His arms wrapped around her. "I thought I'd lost you!" She tightened her grip around his body, he gasped. "Sorry, I'm..." Cara paused and pulled herself away from him abruptly. She was so excited to see him again that she forgot he was the Man who kidnapped her and stole all the library's books from her home town. Why was she glad to see him, why did she surrender herself to his comforting arms?! Was this Stockholm Syndrome she was experiencing, like in the tales of Man's early literature?
    "Get away from me!" She screamed and rushed to the craft's hatch. Sh
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Cara Libria by Gargartha Cara Libria :icongargartha:Gargartha 1 0 Olifante by Gargartha Olifante :icongargartha:Gargartha 1 0 Silicone White by Gargartha
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Silicone White :icongargartha:Gargartha 0 0
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Anike Kirsten
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
South Africa
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For years, Anike Kirsten has dabbled with creative writing but only recently began to publish. She draws inspiration from several great authors, including but not limited to Isaac Asimov, Michael Moorcock, Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, Terry Pratchet, L. Ron Hubbard.

She is currently rekindling the flame of creativity through words and aims to publish more often, with her story-telling improving. She has a knack for research and thoroughly enjoys hard science-fiction: her ultimate goal being to write great hard sci-fi novels.

Anike Kirsten has been engaged in digital painting for many years across Photoshop, Coral Painter and finally settling on Krita. She is a self-taught, South African, amateur visual artist. While she indulges in photo manipulation, graphic design and creative writing, her heart belongs to digital painting. She draws inspiration from artists such as Borris Vallejo, Salvador Dali, Julie Bell, Rodney Matthews and Tom Thiel.

Anike believes in simplicity without sacrificing detail where it's needed, and practicality; and incorporates these philosophies into her works.


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